Spares parts shade net plastic machine Satya Group. Spars parts is engaged in sales of Satya Group Machine, warp knitting machine spare parts and textile machine spare parts. With many years pile-ups of experience in textile industry, our aim is to supply knitting machine and textile machine spare parts in best quality to meet the buyers ultimate satisfaction. Our products have been exported to worldwide market, covering Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and so on. Besides, we always do quickly delivery for any orders, even for small order size. We will continually do our effort for our customers. All kinds of spare parts such as pattern discs, chain links, needle bars, guide bars, sinker bars, tongue bars, beams, piezo guides, magnets, needle covers, tension plates, soil bellows, steel ropes, Spring plates, Ball guide bearings, flizers, sliders, worm wheels, bar frames, teeth wheels, needle belts, etc… for both KARL MAYER warp knitting machine and LIBA warp knitting machines. Sprater, Trick Plate, Shinker, Guide, Needle Etc. visit once before buy machine from anywhere, because we know if you are looking quality machine with good production we are here to fulfill your Demand. Feel free to call or email…. Email